Episode 13

Episode 13: It's Masters Week

Published on: 10th April, 2022

Yes, that is right. It is Masters week at Augusta National and right here on the Leaning into Leadership podcast.

We have all worked around those master leaders, the ones who seem to do amazing things with very little effort (or so it seems). In this episode I will pay tribute to three master leaders I've worked with over the course of my career and share how I tried to add those traits into my leadership bag.

Just like the true master golfers, veteran leaders have a knack for knowing when to be aggressive and when to lay up short, playing the hole more cautiously. When you've played the course repeatedly, you've been there and done that. This adds a level of knowledge that younger players learn from experiences and from watching how the masters perform. If you're a golf fan, this episode won't have enough golf references for you. If you aren't a golf fan, don't worry I kept the golf lingo to a minimum. Enjoy...

Now is the time! Leadership teams are being reorganized across the US this spring. New members will be replacing members who are retiring or moving on to another role. New administrators will be leaping out of the classroom and into leadership for the very first time. Let's be INTENTIONAL with the development of our leadership teams for next year.

High Performance Leadership Teams is designed to align each member of the new leadership team, to dig deep into the core values of the team, and to ultimately identify and plan the goals for the upcoming year. I would love to work with you and your team to help you achieve that High Performance that you are looking for, that your school and district deserve. Let's connect - email me at darrinmpeppard@roadtoawesome.net or call me at (307) 371-8947. It costs you nothing to have a conversation.

Professional development with Road to Awesome is just a click away. Connect with us at roadtoawesome.net for leadership coaching and consulting, the High Performance Leadership Teams event, staff culture and climate professional development, and keynote and event/school kick-off speaking. Darrin will make your event awesome and have your team ready to roll on the #RoadToAwesome

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Final thought for this set of show notes - folks, as educators we are changing the world and we do that one conversation at a time.

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