Episode 130

Episode 130: The Empowered Educator with Dr. Melinda Vandevort

Published on: 24th March, 2024

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Dr. Melinda Vandevort has been an educator for well over 20 years, dedicating herself to shaping the educational landscape. In 2016, she transitioned into administration driven by her passion for professional learning and a desire to empower fellow teachers. Recognizing the need for guidance in the journey from teacher to leader, Melinda is now a career transition coach.

Her commitment to education extends into the digital realm, where she explores the intersection of technology and teaching. In 2019, she launched the Empowered Educator podcast, catering to teachers yearning for professional learning on the go and the desire for transition into leadership. Melinda's insightful discussions cover leadership mindset, career options, and the knowledge needed for a successful transition.

Furthering her mission to empower others, Dr. Melinda Vandevort is the driving force behind the Empowered Pathways Network. This network serves as a dynamic platform for fostering growth in two different paths. The Coaching Path designed for individuals aspiring to embark on a purpose-driven career journey. The Consulting Path designed for educational institutions interested in harnessing data to identify and foster growth within their teaching staff.

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Leaning into Leadership
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We all want to see successes in both our personal and professional lives. Often, that requires strong leadership. In a time when leadership can be more challenging than ever, this podcast is dedicated to cultivating leaders by elevating the voices of leaders and promoting positivity. Join Dr. Darrin Peppard, lifelong educator and best-selling author, for this mixed platform podcast (some solo, some guest interview) for inspiration and insight, and some great leadership stories from those are living it, excelling at it, and celebrating it. Together, let's lean into leadership.

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Darrin Peppard

Darrin Peppard is an author, publisher, speaker, and consultant focused on what matters most in leadership and education. Darrin is an expert in school culture and climate, as well as coaching and growing emerging leaders, and is the author of the best selling book Road to Awesome: Empower, Lead, Change the Game.

Darrin was named the 2016 Wyoming Secondary School Principal of the Year by WASSP/NASSP and was the 2015 Jostens Renaissance Educator of the Year. In 2017, Darrin earned his Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Wyoming. Darrin was inducted into the Jostens Renaissance Hall of Fame in 2019.

Darrin now shares his experiences from over 25 years in education, specifically those learned as an education leader during the past 13 years. As a ‘recovering’ high school principal, Darrin shares lessons learned and effective strategies from over 25 years in public education to help leaders (both adults and students) to become more effective and positively impact the world around them. Connect with Darrin at roadtoawesome.net